We can all attest to the importance of having beautiful picture-perfect pearly whites. However, how many of us are taking the necessary steps to ensure the health and appearance of our teeth? As dental professionals, we have seen people committing enormous dental mistakes and ruining the structure of their smile.

If you wish to keep your teeth even when you are old and grey, ensure you avoid making the dental mistakes mentioned below in 2021.


Using a hard-bristled toothbrush in combination with scrubbing your teeth too harshly to remove the sticky plaque film is one of the most commonly done dental mistakes today. Brushing your teeth vigorously might be doing more harm than good. Overbrushing can damage the teeth’s enamel, making it porous and causing teeth sensitivity. Too much pressure while brushing can also causing gum recession, making the teeth prone to further damage.

Instead of doing this, use a soft-medium bristle hardness toothbrush, and use gentle circular scrubbing motions to remove the debris accumulated on your tooth.


The adequate amount of time required for proper cleansing is up to and under 3 minutes. Brushing for longer can weaken the structural integrity of the teeth, making them prone to sensitivity and damage. Brushing for a time lesser than 2 minutes is not enough to cover all the teeth adequately.


If you can’t remember the last time you changed your toothbrush, it is probably an antique commodity and should be discarded. An old toothbrush can be a haven for microbes responsible for gum diseases and dental decay. Moreover, the frayed and dilapidated bristles of an old toothbrush make it incapable of cleaning the teeth properly.

Therefore, it is recommended that you change your toothbrush every three months or before if the bristles are frayed. This will ensure proper cleaning and help in the prevention of dental diseases.


If you have ever visited your local dentists, they must have told you to start flossing. This is because the gaps between the teeth are not accessible by a toothbrush. Using floss to clean these areas is essential to ensure overall oral hygiene and to prevent gum diseases.One of the major dental mistakes people commit is not flossing enough. Many people also tend to skip some teeth while flossing, making their mouth prone to plaque accumulation, and they tend to suffer from gum diseases. Untreated gum diseases can progress to be the reason you lose your precious whites eventually.

Therefore, it’s important that you follow your dentists advice and floss your teeth every single day.


Consuming coffee, dark carbonated soft drinks and sodas can wreak havoc on the structure of your teeth. These liquids are responsible for causing discoloration of the teeth and compromising the appearance of your smile. Moreover, sodas and carbonated drinks are highly acidic and erode the teeth’s enamel.

If you want to ensure that your teeth stay in place for a lifetime, your best bet is to stay away from these beverages and stick to the colorless liquid of life – water.


Whether it is the fear of the dentist, cost concerns, or just a careless attitude towards oral health, many people do not go for regular dental checkups. Most of us visit our local dentists only when things get bad or when we are in a lot of pain. However, skipping regular dental checkups done by your friendly local dentists can prove to be disastrous for your oral health.

Yearly dental checkups by our West Hartford Dentist helps spot oral diseases, if any, at the earliest. This means you can get early treatment and avoid all possible and painful complication of advanced dental disorders. If you successfully avoid the above-mentioned dental mistakes, you will be successful in good dental health. 

Please schedule an appointment with our West Hartford Dentists at Farmington Avenue Dental Care to stay at the top of your oral health.

Dental Mistakes

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