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Want to see an immediate change in your smile? Try our Zoom! Chairside Whitening System for an instant safe and effective whitening procedure that'll whiten your teeth within an hour. We'd recommend a routine cleaning at our clinic before you begin the whitening.

  • Cover your lips and gums so only your teeth are exposed

  • Apply Zoom! Whitening Gel and the specially-designed Zoom! light to teeth

  • Gel and light work to break up stains and discoloration

What the procedure involves

Zoom! light will break down the active ingredient in the whitening gel, hydrogen peroxide, so that oxygen can enter the enamel and dentin. This reaction will bleach any colored substances or discolorations without damaging the structure of the tooth.

How Zoom! works its magic

Any discoloration of your enamel and dentin is erased using the bleaching process of Zoom!. Our procedure is so popular that it was featured on ABC's Extreme Makeover.

Hartford's popular whitening solution

Bring your smile to life using the Zoom! effect

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