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Root canals are tiny ducts that branch off from beneath the top of the tooth and lead down to the tip of the tooth. Every tooth can have anywhere between 1 – 4 root canals. Infections in the root canals can seriously harm the inner pulp and root of the tooth.

In a root canal treatment, we'll remove the diseased tissue to stop the infection from spreading. Then comes the restoration of the healthy section of the tooth. A root canal procedure is the preferred alternative to extracting the infected tooth.

Don't resort to tooth extraction

  • Small hole drilled from the top of the tooth to the inner chamber

  • Diseased tissue is removed, inner chambers are cleaned, canals are reshaped

  • Chamber is filled with medication to prevent infection

The 3 steps of a root canal process:

Pain and sensitivity are the first indicators of a diseased tooth. The infection can spread and cause small pockets of pus to develop and cause an abscess. Come to us when you experience these symptoms.

Recognize the signs of trouble and seek our help

Save infected teeth with effective root canal treatments

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