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The best way to replace any section of missing teeth is to get bridges inserted. Farmington Avenue Dental Care PC can custom-make bridges that'll restore the natural contour of your teeth. These bridges will help regulate and realign the bite relationship between your upper and lower teeth.

Discuss whether a removable bridge or a fixed bridge is suitable for your teeth with our doctor. Fixed bridges or fixed partial dentures are semi-permanent and bonded to existing teeth or implants. They will need to be cleaned out by a dentist unlike a removable bridge.

Solutions that are long-lasting

Dental bridges come in various types such as conventional fixed bridges, cantilever bridges, and resin-based bridges. Let us help you choose the bridge that's perfect for your teeth. Visit us at 576 Farmington Ave Lower Level for a preliminary exam to find out which works best.

Choosing the right type of bridge

Bridges are made of porcelain, gold alloys, or a combination of materials. Ask us about the implant bridges we'll attach to an area below your gums or bone where no existing teeth exist to bond to.

Quality materials and designs used to create bridges

Make your teeth look natural again with bridges


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